News & Insights from Fresenius Kidney Care


News & Insights from Fresenius Kidney Care

United in Care with love and smiles

Two of our clinical team colleagues discover that no matter where they are from, love and care for patients and for each other transcend all barriers.

A shared purpose and thousands of kilometers between them

‘No man is an island here. We cannot stand alone. We need other people, other teams to be able to perform our work’

More than 10,000 kilometers apart ... and so much in common

“I didn’t actually know what I am going to go through today! I didn’t know who am I going to see, what I am going to talk about. So, it was a bit of ...

Celebrating diversity and unity of a global nurse workforce

With over 90,000 clinical employees offering healthcare services in more than 4,100 dialysis centers across 49 countries, Fresenius Medical Care is a ...

Nephrology Trends in China with Dr. Grace Yan

Dr. Grace Yan discusses the challenges and future of renal care in China in this Global Medical Office dialogue.

Care That Lifts the Spirits

“They joke with us, they sing, and it makes your day, and they care for you” explains dialysis patient Mary, as she talks about the nurse-patient ...

The Power of Reciprocal Care

It’s a natural two-way energy: the openness, the friendliness and the cheerfulness – and their ability to work personally with you – it’s a two-way ...

Jump Right In

When opportunity came knocking on Natalie Forde’s door, she took a big chance and made a courageous decision for herself, her family, and her career. ...

Pen and paper – words from the heart

We can communicate with each other through multiple digital ways instantly nowadays, but nothing can replace the fascination that a handwritten ...