Nephrology Trends in China with Dr. Grace Yan

The Chinese Mainland with a population of more than 1.4 billion people faces a huge, growing burden of kidney diseases. Significant advances in nephrology have been made over the past 40 years in clinical practice, research, and academic development.

In this episode of Global Medical Office Dialogues (Fresenius Medical Care’s signature medical video magazine), Nephrologist Grace Yan, Chief Medical Officer for Fresenius Kidney Care China, discusses the challenges and future of renal care in China.

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About Dr. Grace Yan

Grace Yan, the Chief Medical Officer for Fresenius Kidney Care China since 2019, has been a Nephrologist since 1994. She was a professor of Nephrology at China’s Shanghai Renji Hospital. Grace holds a doctorate and a masters degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Her accomplishments include being a committee member of Chinese Society of Internal Medicine, Youth Committee of Chinese Society of Nephrology, and several other metropolitan societies of nephrology, immunology, and medicine.

About Global Medical Office Dialogues

Global Medical Office Dialogues is Fresenius Medical Care’s signature medical video magazine, dedicated to excellence in storytelling that brings medical-scientific knowledge to life. Produced by the Global Medical Office and hosted by Frank Maddux, MD, Global Chief Medical Officer, the in-depth interviews feature diverse global voices representing some of the leading minds at the intersection of science, medicine, and current events.

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