We take responsibility for our environment

Environmental Sustainability

The health of the natural world is declining globally at rates that are unprecedented in human history, posing a threat to the wellbeing of human populations worldwide.

While dialysis is an important life-saving treatment, it also has a significant environmental impact due to large volumes of water, medical supplies and energy required. A patient undergoing 3 x 4-hour dialysis treatments each week will use about 18,000 liters of water per year.

As a global player in the health care sector, our responsibility extends beyond our business operations. We monitor the environmental performance of our operations globally and aim to use resources efficiently.

Across our dialysis centers in Asia Pacific, Fresenius Kidney Care collects and evaluates data related to our electricity and water consumption that enable us to design action plans to decrease the impact of dialysis on the environment. This activity is being extended to examine clinical and non-clinic waste generated from our operations, including recyclable waste such as plastics, glass, metal, and cardboard from packaging materials.

Global Environmental Policy

In our Global Environmental Policy, we commit to using natural resources as efficiently as possible. The policy also includes our commitment to business practices that promote the protection of the environment and the minimization of adverse environmental impacts. We strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Click here to download the Global Environmental Policy.

WE are dedicated to developing, producing, providing, and applying our products and services in an environmentally sustainable way. By doing so, we strive to continually improve our environmental performance.

WE are committed to business practices that promote the protection of the environment and the minimization of adverse environmental impacts.

WE give top priority to the safety of our patients and employees. We follow these key principles along our value chain:

Compliance and management systems

WE comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

WE apply appropriate standards and procedures for our environmental management systems.

WE assess potential environmental risks and mitigation strategies as well as opportunities.

Environmental performance

WE effectively manage the efficient use of energy, water, and raw materials.

WE adopt programs and initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint, including emissions and waste.

WE assess our environmental impact regularly and are committed to developing appropriate targets for our environmental practices.

WE expect our suppliers to comply with our environmental standards as defined in our Global Supplier Code of Conduct.

WE promote collaboration and partnership on topics relating to environmental sustainability.


WE foster an open-minded culture of innovation with environmental benefits.

WE promote the development and use of environmentally sustainable products, processes, and services.

WE advocate sharing best-practices and collaboration across sectors.


WE communicate our progress in the area of environmental sustainability to our stakeholders.

WE foster the awareness and involvement of key stakeholders in environmental issues.

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