Eating & Drinking Well on Dialysis

Eating & Drinking Well on Dialysis

Being on dialysis, it is important to adjust your eating and drinking habits to help you feel better and stay healthy. These changes don’t have to be a burden. Taking control of what you eat – and how much – can really impact your overall health.

You are what you eat

What you eat and drink will truly affect your health. Your body is processing certain foods differently now, plus important vitamins and nutrients can be washed away during the dialysis process. Choosing the right foods and drinks can help you feel better.

Making adjustments

Following new guidelines for eating and drinking may be a big change, but it’s also one you can control. The good news is that you can usually do this without completely giving up your favorite foods – or giving up flavor.

Eating Well - You are what you eat
Nutrition know-how

Dietitians can help you create meals and snacks that are kidney-friendly and incorporate the foods you love. Below are some important things to know about eating well with kidney disease.

Limiting fluids

Because you may not urinate, or may urinate very little, any extra fluid in your body has to be removed by dialysis. It’s important to limit the fluids you drink (and eat) as well as avoid things that are salty and make you thirsty.

Building a healthy meal

It’s really important to get the proper nutrients your body needs now that you are on dialysis. Create healthy meals by making smart food choices from each food group and estimating proper portion sizes.

Boosting flavors

Use herbs and spices to add big flavor to your meals. Limiting salt in your diet is important, which means cutting out salt and salty foods.