Partnering with you to improve patient outcomes


Partnering with you to improve patient outcomes

Fresenius Kidney Care is a division of Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal disease of which around 3.7 million patients worldwide regularly undergo dialysis treatments. Fresenius Medical Care is involved in all aspects of finding solutions for kidney disease, from research and development of new therapies, to manufacturing of dialysis products, right through to offering comprehensive therapy options within our centers.

In addition to being able to leverage insights and diverse expertise from across the globe, Fresenius Kidney Care has over 20-years’ experience partnering with physicians in different countries in Asia Pacific. Through our on-the-ground experience in diverse settings we know that healthcare systems differ from country to country, and often even within countries due to regional conditions, treatment methods, regulatory issues and the type of dialysis being provided.

Despite those differences, wherever we are in Asia Pacific, we understand that physicians build their practices on the trust and confidence of their patients, the community, industry and the government. United by a common commitment to creating a future worth living for all patients, we are here to support you by connecting you to a like-minded community, offering technology to empower you, and providing clinical standards and safety procedures that give you the reassurance that your patients are in caring and competent hands. 

Physicians - Connect to a community
Connect To A Community

Partnering with Fresenius Kidney Care gives you the opportunity to connect to a community of like-minded nephrologists and physicians from not just across the Asia Pacific region, but also the rest of the world.

Connecting to this active and vibrant knowledge exchange community enables you to maintain and enhance your renal competence through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and expertise. Together, we are working towards the aim of improving clinical standards across the industry.

Interested to learn more about how our Fresenius Medical Care's Global Medical Office is advancing our clinical and scientific strategy on behalf of the patients we serve around the world? Check out our 2021 Global Annual Medical Report titled 'Embracing the Complexity of Global Healthcare that continues the global conversation about the future of healthcare.

Ongoing Education Opportunities

Ongoing Education Opportunities

In addition to facilitating connections to a vibrant knowledge exchange community, we offer a diverse range of education opportunities to further help you meet the challenges of modern healthcare.

Advanced Renal Education Program (AREP)

Developed by our medical experts, AREP is a comprehensive education platform that covers a wide-range of topics, as well as a variety of on-demand webinars.

Visit AREP and register today.

Technology To Support Treatment Planning

Our real-life clinical data from thousands of dialysis centers worldwide can support physicians in developing and enhancing clinical practices aimed at delivering better outcomes for every member of the kidney care community. 

EuCliD Clinical Management System

The EuCliD clinical management system* is implemented across more than 100 Fresenius Kidney Care clinics in Asia Pacific. Providing comprehensive information of each dialysis patient and treatment, EuCliD allows the medical staff in Fresenius Kidney Care centers to take the right decisions to improve treatment for each individual patient. Additionally, it offers a wide array of opportunities from mobile physician and patient apps, to the use of latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Euclid clinical management system

The Doctor App

As an interface to EuCliD, the Doctor App* integrates all of the important parameters for dialysis treatment. At their finger tips, physicians can review and modify the dialysis prescription and medications, review treatment results and trends, as well as document and review progress notes and clinical orders. Benefits of the Doctor App could include:

  • Facilitate clinic rounds on the go – in the clinic, office or home
  • Real-time accurate information for clinical decision making
  • Increases safety by improving documentation
  • AI models such as Anemia Control Model (ACM) embedded
  • Gives you back more time for your patients
The doctor app
Empowering Patients

Our goal is to empower every patient with the belief that they can control and manage their condition. We listen and engage patients in their care, so that we can deliver care that supports their needs.

Our focus on patient experience and education, together with our clinical care standards, safety procedures and advanced clinical research, gives physicians the reassurance that their patients are in caring and competent hands.

Patient experience survey & grievance management

Patient Experience Survey & Grievance Management

At Fresenius Kidney Care we conduct an annual patient experience survey to measure, manage and enhance our services. In 2020, 75% of our patients answered that they would highly recommend our services to a friend. By learning about our patients’ willingness to recommend, we can compare the services provided by our clinics and turn insights into action. 

Grievance mechanisms are another way to get patients’ feedback and understand their needs. We have an established patient grievance process to address topics raised by our patients in a timely manner.

Patient empowerment through education

Patient Empowerment Through Education

Our patient education initiatives aim to improve patients' confidence to make decisions about their health and care in partnership with our Care Team. An empowered patient is able to communicate their health needs and priorities, and shows an increasing positive behavior which is associated with improved health and patient outcomes. 

Treatment information at patients' fingertips

Treatment Information At Patients’ Fingertips

The myCompanion patient app* gives patients the chance to look at personal therapy data, directly from EuCliD. With treatment data, as well as medication and monthly lab results visible, patients can take a more active role in their care and keep track of their treatment progress over time.

* may not currently be available in some Fresenius Kidney Care centers.