Holiday Dialysis Coordination Service

Holiday Dialysis Coordination Service

We understand that you desire to connect to the world – be it discovering new places and destinations, reuniting with your family, pursuing an overseas business opportunity or immersing yourself in a different culture – and your condition should not stop you from doing so.

Why should you choose holiday dialysis with Fresenius Kidney Care?

As the world’s largest dialysis network, we are here to support you in fulfilling your travel goal. With the support of over 4,000 dialysis centers around the world in our network, you are able to travel to a range of destinations, even across different continents, while enjoying high-quality, reliable dialysis care from our professional clinical teams.

Holiday Dialysis - Worldwide

The world's largest dialysis network with over 4,000 dialysis centers, including around 400 centers across Asia Pacific.

Holiday Dialysis - Nurse
Comprehensive kidney care services by professional and compassionate clinical staff.
Holiday Dialysis - HD_machine

State-of-the-art dialysis machines and therapies in our dialysis centers.

Holiday Dialysis - Standard
All our dialysis centers are assessed against stringent quality and healthcare standards as well as strict clinical processes.
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5 steps to plan your trip
Having your condition taken care of during your trip is not as difficult as you might imagine. We are here to help you make the dialysis treatment arrangements for your entire journey, from understanding your needs, to liaising with the dialysis center at your destination, to confirming your booking.

  • Holiday Dialysis - Plan in advance

    1. Plan in advance

    Speak to your healthcare team to make sure you are fit to travel. Once you have your doctor's consent, inform the holiday dialysis coordinator in your home country, ideally at least 6 weeks in advance of your trip.
  • Holiday Dialysis - Documentation

    2. Confirm dialysis center’s availability and documentation

    We will check the availability of our dialysis service at your holiday destination. Once you submit the required documents and sign off on the holiday dialysis service that we have proposed, the arrangement will be confirmed.
  • Holiday Dialysis - Flight

    3. Confirm flights & accommodation

    Only once your holiday dialysis treatments are confirmed should you confirm your flights, accommodation and other travel details.
  • Holiday Dialysis - Backup Plan

    4. Have a backup plan

    Consult with your healthcare team on what to do in case of unexpected situations while you are away from home. Let your travel companion know how to help.
  • Holiday Dialysis - Medicine

    5. Bring your medication along

    Bring along your medication (which should be enough to last through your trip plus a few extra days’ worth in case of an unexpected delay) and the medical information to enable an optimal treatment during your holiday.

FAQs – Planning

1. I am new to dialysis. Can I book a holiday dialysis treatment?
2. What if there is no Fresenius Kidney Care dialysis center at my holiday destination?
3. What if I need to travel in an emergency?
4. Are there any risks when travelling abroad while on dialysis?

FAQs – Booking

5. Which information and documents do I need to provide to the local holiday dialysis coordinator?
6. What is the fee for the holiday dialysis coordination service?
7. What does the holiday dialysis treatment fee include?
8. Can I cancel my booking?

FAQs – Arrival

9. Will you provide any pick-up or transportation service?
10. Do your clinical staff speak my language at the dialysis center?
11. When do I need to pay for the holiday dialysis treatments?
12. In what currency should I pay?
13. Will my holiday dialysis treatments be covered by my insurance?
14. What do I need to bring on the first day of the holiday dialysis treatment?

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