Treatment Options for Kidney Disease

Treatment Options for Kidney Disease
Depending on which country you are in there will be different types of treatment options that may be available to you. These can include in-center hemodialysis, home treatments such as peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis, and even transplant.

Dialysis treatment should fit in with your life. Choosing the right treatment option can help you stay committed and live your life to the fullest.
Things to know
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Your preferences matter. Discuss your preferences with your doctor.
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In some cases, people are able to switch from one type of dialysis to another.
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You can plan your dialysis around your lifestyle to stay social and active.
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You will feel better over time. Sticking with your treatment will be worth it.
What to consider when choosing a dialysis treatment
It’s important to talk to your doctor and support network about which treatment option fits best with your lifestyle and your priorities. Here are a few things to consider and discuss:
Treatment Frequency/Length
How often and how long are treatments?
Where will the access site be placed to perform dialysis, and what will it look like?
How flexible does your treatment schedule need to be?
What medicines are required?
Diet/Fluid Intake
What diet and fluid restrictions may be needed?
Care Partner Availability
Is there someone (or multiple people) who can be your Care Partner?
What treatment choices are best if you want to travel for work or pleasure?
Impact on Life and Others
How will the treatment process affect your job, activities, family, and care partners?
After you’ve chosen your option
Once you and your doctor decide which dialysis option best fits with your life, he or she will prescribe your treatment based on your personal health needs. It’s important to follow your prescription exactly – every minute of your treatment counts and will help you feel better over time.
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