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The world’s leading vertically integrated renal company

Partner with us

The world’s leading vertically integrated renal company

Every day, we provide dialysis care to patients throughout the vast and culturally diverse Asia Pacific region. And every day, we are driven by the singular vision of creating a future that offers each and every patient the best possible quality of life. This is only possible because of our partners in providing life-sustaining dialysis to the local community.

Global Expertise, Local Knowledge

Fresenius Kidney Care is a division of Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases of which around 3.7 million patients worldwide regularly undergo dialysis treatments. 

We have a proven track record of being able to utilize our global expertise and resources, together with our 20+ years on-the-ground ground experience in the Asia Pacific region, to partner with governments and other healthcare providers in their efforts to develop bespoke kidney care strategies. 

Global Expertise, Local Knowledge
Partnering with Healthcare Systems

Partnering with Healthcare Systems

Our extensive experience and expanding footprint in Asia Pacific allows us to help healthcare systems cater for the significant growth in dialysis patients each year. This increasing patient demand poses considerable challenges to healthcare systems, with the need for capital funding to create new dialysis units, as well as increased staffing and resources to deliver care.

Public-Private Partnerships

We work with local governments in public-private partnerships (PPPs) to meet these challenges, providing them with the security that costs are predetermined, and risks minimized. Benefits of a PPP can include:
  • Assured budgeting of dialysis services based on price per treatment (PPT) or patient numbers.
  • High quality of patient care guaranteed.
  • Flexibility: faster response to rapid growth without competition for public funding.
  • Capital funding: alternative financing models, particularly for capital funding.
  • Set standards: utilization of resources and skills within hospitals to set and monitor standards of service.
  • Human resources responsibility from recruitment to training and education.

We All Own Compliance

We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical and compliance standards in all our interactions

Innovative Business Models

We know that healthcare systems differ from country to country and often even within countries due to regional conditions, the treatment method, regulatory issues, and the type of dialysis. As an experienced vertically integrated provider in Asia Pacific we are able to offer a range of innovative business models that delivers a tailored range of services.

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Innovative business models

Partnering with Communities

In each location where we operate, we form an active part of the wider community, and we take that responsibility to each of our communities seriously. Working hand-in-hand with local and global health organizations who share our values, we invest time and resources in programs that promote an active lifestyle, increase awareness of kidney health, and assist in the prevention and early detection of kidney disease.

Kidney Health Education with a Superhero

Launched in 2017 during World Kidney Day, the Kidney Kid corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative is designed to raise awareness about kidney health among children and their families. Utilizing resources that are designed to ‘edutain’ (educate + entertain) about the kidneys and how to take care of them, in a fun and interactive way, the initiative has been a huge success, reaching thousands of children across Asia Pacific and the world.

To find out more, visit the kidney kid website.

Partnering with communities