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We take responsibility for our environment
Environmental Sustainability
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News & Insights from Fresenius Kidney Care
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Recipe Ideas for Every Meal

Delicious kidney friendly recipes the whole family can enjoy
Recipe Ideas for Every Meal
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Who We Are

Fresenius Kidney Care is the dialysis care services division of Fresenius Medical Care, the world's leading provider of products and services for individuals living with renal disease. We provide treatments and care that fits with patients' needs, allowing them to lead more active and fulfilling lives.

 Patients Served Globally
Patients Served Globally
 Treatments Globally
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Treatments Globally
 Clinics Globally
Clinics Globally
What Drives Us?
Striving to set the standards in the healthcare industry by delivering care that demonstrates improvements in the quality of life for every patient every day
About Kidney Disease
Treatment Options
Living Well on Dialysis
About Fresenius Kidney Care
About Kidney Disease

Get the facts about kidney disease so you can take care of your health every day and plan ahead to be more in charge of your choices

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How Our Kidneys Work
Learn how these amazing organs work and how you can keep them healthy
Symptoms of Kidney Disease
Help with early detection by being aware of the signs of kidney disease
Kidney Disease Stages
Kidney disease is divided into 5 stages based on levels of kidney function
Managing Kidney Disease
There are important steps you can take to manage your physical and emotional health
Treatment Options

Choosing the right treatment option can help you stay committed and life your life to the fullest

In-Center Hemodialysis
Find out more about this treatment option within a dialysis center supported by a trained and caring team
The Basics of Dialysis
Learn more about this life-saving process that removes toxins and excess fluid from your blood
Types of Dialysis Access
Your access is your lifeline. Make sure your have the right access for you
Monitoring Lab Results
A group of blood tests are regularly taken to check certain substances in your blood
Living Well on Dialysis

Living your life to the fullest means prioritizing your emotional well-being as well as your physical well-being.

Dialysis & Exercise
Simple steps to start getting active and exercising on dialysis
Eating Well on Dialysis
Find out how taking control of what you eat and drink can impact your health
Monitoring Fluid & Nutrition
Learn more about why it’s important to monitor your fluid intake on dialysis (and that's not just what you drink)
Staying Engaged on Dialysis
From social activities to travel and work, you can still enoy the things you love while on dialysis
About Fresenius Kidney Care

Working to build the world's most supportive and progressive kidney care community to create better outcomes for everyone

Our Dialysis Centers
Discover more about some of the amenities and services we offer in Fresenius Kidney Care centers
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What to Expect
Learn more about what you can expect at your dialysis treatment, to help you get used to your new routine
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Your Care Team
Meet your Fresenius Kidney Care Team. The most important member? It's you!
Holiday Dialysis
Connect to the world with reliable dialysis care