Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie

If you adore the taste of smoothie on a warm summer’s day, then try this easy-to-make recipe with the fruitiest of flavours.


  • 4 pieces of watermelon (each about 125g)
  • 8 ice cubes (approx. 20 ml each)
  • Juice of half a lemon


circle number
Cut the watermelon flesh into small pieces and remove the seeds.
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Coarsely crush the ice cubes.
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Put into a mixer together with the lemon juice and purée.
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Put the smoothie into 4 glasses and serve immediately, since otherwise the liquid will quickly separate again. Absolutely refreshing and delicious. If your melon is not very sweet, you can add some honey....despite the refreshment, do not forget to add the smoothie to your fluid count!
Want to mix things up a bit? Add some mint and basil.

Nutrition Per Serving


67 cal

Total Fat

0 g


8 mg


9 g


0.35 g


8.9 mg


130 mg


152 ml

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