Your Care Team

Your Care Team

Throughout treatment, you’ll have a team of experts supporting you every step of the way. You’ll do your best if you’re open and honest with your team – they’re here to provide answers, give encouragement and help you live your life to the fullest. Your care team, sometimes referred to as your treatment team or clinical team, can help with more than just your treatment. 

The most important team member? It's you!
Your participation is so important to your treatment and progress. Communicating openly with your care team will help them to understand how you’re feeling – and what they can do to help. Please speak up whenever you need help or have something to share.
Learn who does what


The kidney doctor who prescribes your dialysis treatment and medications, as needed. Your nephrologist will carefully monitor your treatment progress and make any necessary adjustments over time.

Head nurse

The person in charge of the dialysis center who manages and leads your care team, making sure you get the personalized care you need. If you ever have any questions or concerns, your head nurse can help.

Dialysis nurse or dialysis technician

The dialysis nurse or dialysis technician administers your hemodialysis treatment as prescribed by your nephrologist. They work closely with you to manage your treatment. They are a great resource if you have questions or aren’t feeling well.


The nutrition expert who can help you eat well – while incorporating the foods you love. Your dietitian will evaluate your nutrition levels and assist you with meal planning to help you get the proper nutrients when you are on dialysis.

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